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The built-in iPhone Camera app is perfect for most shooting situations. With this app, you can shoot high-quality photos, videos, time-lapse videos , and slow-motion footage. You can always use a third-party app covered later in this article to adjust the background blur. This allows you to capture incredible color and detail when shooting in low light and at night.

And the Live Photo option lets you create exciting moving images that bring your pictures to life. You can set the iPhone camera focus manually to ensure your subject is always sharp.

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And you can easily adjust exposure to control image brightness. You can also take HDR photos. HDR combines several exposures to create a single well-exposed image.

Sliding the shutter button to the left activates burst mode. This is essential for capturing action shots of moving subjects. If you have a dual or triple-lens iPhone camera, you can zoom in and out using the Wide, Ultra Wide, and Telephoto Lenses. Different iPhone models have different combinations of these lenses.

As you can see, the built-in Camera app is an incredible camera.

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It has an impressive range of iPhone camera settings. The settings are easy to access from the bottom of the screen. And adjustments are made using a simple slider. Fast shutter speeds freeze motion. And slow shutter speeds blur any movement in the scene. Use a slow shutter speed to create beautiful long exposure photos like the one below.

Another useful setting is white balance. This lets you control how warm orange or cool blue the colors appear in your photo.

A high ISO setting can be useful for creating brighter exposures in low light. Like the built-in Camera app, you tap to set focus and exposure. But you can also separate the focus and exposure points. I was witnessing my daughter began to withdraw without knowing why. After installing mSpy, I was shocked to find that a bully from school was tormenting her on social media. I am so grateful to this software for helping me find out what has been troubling my child.

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Applications use. It is free to try.

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Thank you! I wanted an app that would highlight infrared camera emissions clearly without guesswork. Within seconds of opening it on my phone, it worked as advertised. I have 12 years experience installing covert camera systems for public and private law enforcement. Some in my industry are irritated that their cameras are being found, and so I suspect they are leaving misleading reviews. This app found 7 out of 10 covert cameras in my testing. As a draw back, I had to hold the camera at a fixed position long enough for the app to scan.

It did not work when I was trying to scan a room quickly. Not perfect, but an inexpensive tool and nice to have with me on my iPhone at all times. It found my home security cameras immediately, just checked out a restaurant and hotel WiFi. Scanning my work and other networks next.

Kind of addictive.